motorcycle jackets
  Motorcycle clothing is one of the toughest, most durable and stylish accessible clothing on the market today. From the world-famous leathers we all imagine when thinking of motorcyclists or the newer textile fabrics that defines modern jackets.

   If you undoubtedly are a motorcyclist, or you simply just like the style, prestige and attitude that accompanies the title. Here are a few things you'll need to note before taking the plunge and purchasing a motorcycle jacket. The major issue facing those in this position is the choice between leather or textile.

   There is no simple answer, and in most cases, it simply comes down to personal preference, however below you'll find some of the major differences between both of these types of motorcycle jackets.

    The classic choice is clearly some sort of leather motorcycle jacket. One of the key benefits of this material is how tough and durable it really is. Since the start of motorcycle culture, the leather jacket has been one of its cornerstones.

   Available in a selection of different colors and styles, a leather motorcycle jacket would be the ideal blend of function and fashion. While leather jackets were originally suitable for protection, many these days lean more toward the style side and lots of manufacturers strike a balance between both. Unlike 'fashion' leather, the material utilized in motorcycle jackets is thicker and stronger, offering a rider the utmost protection regardless of what happens. A lot of the modern leather motorcycle jackets tend to be lined with Armor which further increases the protection offered by the coat.

   A textile jacket is another option open to motorcyclists. These are generally made of a material for instance, nylon or Kevlar - the latter being identical material used in bullet-proof vests. They are normally designed to be waterproof and also protective, and can be found in a range of different styles and colors.

   Till recently, textile motorcycle jackets were actually manufactured from a heavyweight waxed cotton; nevertheless it was found that man-made fabrics offered more protection. Because of the dense mesh fabric in these synthetic materials, the jackets have become quite durable and should not tear even under enormous strain. As with leather, textile motorcycle jackets often feature extra protection such as Armor which is usually found on the shoulders, back and elbows of your garment.

    Overall, the choice between leather and textile jackets is quite a difficult one. Thankfully, whichever one you choose you will be well protected while riding. Combine one of the jackets with a helmet, leather trousers and other motorcycle wear and you should be well prepared to ride - regardless of what the road decides to throw your way!